We are thankful to all members, friends, donors and volunteers for their support and contributions to the Society since its inception in 1980. The growth and survival of the Society is the responsibility of all of us. We hope that you will find the cause and mission of the Society worthwhile and choose to support the noble cause by any and all means available to you. We encourage you to join the Society and to invite your colleagues to join us too!



  • Applicant must be a Physician of Medicine or a Dentist
  • Physician and/or Dentist must be Greek or of Hellenic Diaspora
  • Must be from California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Oregon or Utah


STEP 1: Membership Form:

Fill out the membership application via Google Forms: Membership Application non internet

STEP 2: Pay enrollment fee:

STEP 3: HAMDS Donation:

HAMDS Donation

Use PayPal to send a  donation (in additional to the enrollment fee).  We would like to encourage you to donate $100 to help support HAMDS mission and growth… Thank you for your support!

After you’ve added both the membership fee and donation to your cart, click “View Cart” to continue: